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Cry-Baby of the Week: A Cop Got Upset Because a Store Was Selling Liquor Flavored Chips

Also this week: A woman allegedly attacked someone in an Applebee's because they weren't speaking English.

It's time, once again, to marvel at some idiots who don't know how to handle the world:

Cry-Baby #1: Claire McNaney

Totally irresponsible product — PC McNaney (@AlcoHarmCop)November 3, 2015

The incident: A woman saw a bag of gin and tonic flavored potato chips.

The appropriate response: Taking a photo and posting it online because they sound gross.

The actual response: She took a photo and posted it online, complaining that it was "totally irresponsible" to sell such products to children.


Claire McNaney is a police officer in the Alcohol Harm Reduction Unit of Durham Constabulary in County Durham, England. Last Tuesday, she tweeted a photo of a packet of Specially Selected brand gin and tonic potato chips that she'd seen in an Aldi store. The photo was accompanied by the text: "Totally irresponsible product @AldiUK , what message does this give out to people, especially children? @BalanceNE."

In a followup tweet, she wrote that she felt that the chips were sending the message "that alcohol must be consumed at all occasions, even when you fancy a nice snack." Adding, "Theres no escaping it."

A spokesperson for Aldi responded to her tweet through the company's Twitter account, promising to pass her feedback on to the relevant department.

At the time of press, Claire hadn't yet weighed in on wine gums, steak and ale chips, rum and raisin ice cream, or any of the countless other products with alcoholic flavors that are widely available in the UK.

Cry-Baby #2: Jodie Marie Burchard-Risch

Screencap via Google Maps

The incident: A woman heard someone speaking a foreign language in an Applebee's.

The appropriate response: Nothing.

The actual response: She allegedly threw a beer mug in the face of the non-English speaker.

Late last month, 43-year-old Jodie Marie Burchard-Risch (pictured above) was eating at an Applebee's in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, with her husband.

According to a report on KARE11, Jodie "became upset" after noticing that a customer seated in the booth next to hers was speaking a different language. The customer, Asma Jama, was reportedly speaking Swahili. She was dining with her two cousins and four children, who are all under 11 years old.


Police say the restaurant's staff asked Jodie to leave, but she refused, instead yelling abuse at Asma. She then allegedly threw a large beer mug in Asma's face, cutting her nose, eyebrow, and lips.

"Emotionally, that has destroyed me," Asma told Fox9. "I've lived in Minnesota for 15 years—never has anyone even looked at me weird for not speaking English and wearing a Hijab. I've seen hate crimes on TV, but for it to happen to me? I'm really a different person. I don't like it."

Jodie was arrested and charged with third degree assault.

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