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Twitter Just Pointed Out Tony Abbott Is on the Cover of the 2014 ‘Outlast’ Xbox Game

Look, stories like this break a lot, but how is that semi-human monster not the 28th Prime Minister of Australia?​
December 14, 2015, 6:35pm

Last year when Tony Abbott was Prime Minister, around the same time he was detailing how his drought package would help struggling farmers, he was also on the cover of the Xbox One game Outlast. Except he didn't know it.

The cameo was largely missed until this weekend when Twitter user @AgingGamer corrected the oversight by posting a picture of the 2014 cover, featuring one of the game's zombie-esc, semi-human monsters. Alongside the image he tweeted, "Is it just me or does this cover art for Outlast on Xbox One look suspiciously like Tony Abbott? Spooky."


For anyone not into zombie horror gameplay, Outlast is set in a long-abandoned asylum that houses many deranged patients who really want to kill you. The cover shows one of these aforementioned patients, lit up in night vision and looking particularly menacing. The creature has very familiar prominent ears, a large mouth, and small eyes.

Look, stories like this break a lot—yes Benedict Cumberbatch looks like Butthead and Justin Trudeau looks like everything teen girls learn to maz to—but credit where it's due, this dude looks a shitload like the 28th Australian Prime Minister.

As soon as the Tweet entered the internet's collective conscious people started hypothesizing what this could all mean. Some quipped that it should have been called Outcast, observed the creature wasn't nearly as scary as the muse, and wondered if this was in fact a glimpse into the future—where 400 years from now Abbott has returned to have another crack at the leadership.

The likeness doesn't stop on the cover. A few of the lumbering homicidal patients in the game also look like Tony Abbott. Considering that Outlast was developed by Red Barrels, a Montreal based company; written by J. T. Petty, an American; with art direction from Hugo Dallaire, a Canadian, it's safe to say Tony probably wasn't a direct reference. Which can only lead to one conclusion: crazed, dead-eyed, bloodthirsty ghouls look the same all over the world.