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A Man with a Bionic Penis Is About to Lose His Virginity to an Award-Winning Dominatrix

It's a pretty good start to 2016.
Mohammed Abad. Screen shot via YouTube.

Due to the magic of modern medical science, Mohammed Abad—a 43-year-old who lost the manhood he was born with when he was run over at age six—is now ready to finally lose his virginity. Abad's new dick, which features internal tubes he can pump up via a button on his testicle, was originally attached during surgery in 2012, but has only just become functional.

The lucky lady who will usher him into the world of love-making is 35-year-old Charlotte Rose, a high-end dominatrix, 2013 British Sex Worker of the Year, and an independent candidate in the Rochester and Strood by-election.

Rose said: "I am so honored that he chose me to take his virginity. We plan to have a dinner date so we can get to know each other and then two hours of private time. I'm not charging him."

As for Abad's thoughts on the matter? Our plucky protagonist had this to say: "I have waited long enough for this—it'll be a great start to the new-year."