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An Animal Rights Activist Is Going to Court for Giving Water to a Pig

Anita Krajnc says that she was trying to alleviate suffering when she stuck a water bottle into a truck full of pigs bound for a processing plant.
November 4, 2015, 5:55pm

An animal rights activist is set to make another appearance in court on Wednesday after being charged with mischief for giving water to a pig in the back of a slaughterhouse truck on a hot summer day.

As seen in a Facebook video, Anita Krajnc, co-founder of an animal rights group called Toronto Pig Save, was at a protest outside a Burlington, Ontario, slaughterhouse in June when she and a group of protesters gathered around a transport truck that was bringing pigs to a processing plant.


When the truck slowed down, Krajnc reached through the grates of the truck with a bottle of water and let a pig drink from it.

"Can you give this guy some water?" Krajnc asks a person off-camera, after which the truck driver, Jeffrey Veldjesgraaf, stepped out of the truck and demanded that the activists not hydrate the pigs.

"Don't give him anything," Veldjesgraaf is heard saying. "Do not put water in there!"

Krajnc then said that Jesus Christ would give pigs water.

The truck driver, clearly angry, fired back at Krajnc.

"No, you know what, these are not humans, you dumb, frickin' broad!"

When Veldjesgraaf told Krajnc he was going to call the cops, Krajnc can be heard telling him to "call Jesus" instead.

When asked by VICE about the incident, Krajnc said that many pigs die in transit from dehydration and the transportation itself is inhumane.

"Countless pigs die while being transported to a place where they will be slaughtered brutally," she said. "Pigs don't have sweat glands like we do. They don't have the ability to release heat. They need to roll around in the mud or drink water. I was trying to ease some his suffering."

Krajnc, who is charged with mischief and is facing a fine of $5,000, said that despite the truck driver's threats, the cops didn't end up coming after her until September.

Krajnc also told VICE that she will be challenging the matter in court, noting that she would rather go to jail than pay a fine she sees as unjust.

"I will not perpetuate the idea of animal cruelty by admitting guilt to this. If they ask me to pay a fine, I will not pay. I would rather go to jail."

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Photo via Facebook/Toronto Pig Save

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