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The Rhythm Method's "Home Sweet Home" Is an Anthem For Love and Loss

Oh, London...

The opening piano chord in The Rhythm Method's "Home Sweet Home" touches on the remnants of a warm feeling: the idea of comfort. Perhaps it's basic to describe sound as something as simple as comforting, but there's a deep nuance to the band's ability to speak to this feeling. It's something we heard in the glittering debut single "Party Politics", which brought with it a manifesto for the pleasures of blue-bag drinking, and in "Home Sweet Home" it's one that sketches out the familiarity, and the loss of it, of the changing faces of our hometowns – in this case London.


Because of its ability to evoke universal feelings, The Rhythm Method's music can be timeless. Certainly, the video for "Home Sweet Home" captures a slice of London that is slowly seeping through the cracks of time, with images of bygone night-time locations like London's People's Club combining with the greyscale imagery of London's bridges – which, as we all know, are some of the most evocative in the world. The story is all told from the backseat of an Uber making its way home through the night, as our protagonist grapples with the idea that home, sweet home, is irreversibly changing.

If you want to see this gorgeous slice of modern-day pop played live, then you can catch The Rhythm Method play at Nambucca on October 27. Get your tickets here​. Now do as you're told and watch the video below.