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All the Cool Kids Will Be Dressing Like Dinosaurs This Summer

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Fuck space, digital prints, and early cyber aesthetics. This season, why not try looking like a dinosaur? As this editorial in the March issue of Interview Germany makes clear, your normal, boring "human" face is, like, so 2011. For those not sartorially committed enough to this David Icke conspiracy theory-fuelling trend to consider plastic surgery, the reptilian humanoid chic look can also be achieved by wearing something from acclaimed designer Sophie Hulme's dinosaur-inspired AW12 collection, visiting your local speciality accessories shop, or moving to a scorching hot climate along the equator and never moisturising your face again. Ever.


My goth friend is going to hate me, but I'm going to let you in on our secret online goth-cyber-steampunk footwear treasure den,Sinstersoles, and my personal favorite item on their site right now, the Ripley Heels by Metropolis Shoes. If you're like me, you're insanely excited by the thought of seeing Ridley Scott's new movie Prometheus and promised to IMAX-it with the guy from Game Stop who's letting you borrow his Alien DVDs and collection of H.R.Giger art books to mentally prepare yourself. So, wear these to go see it—girls don't dress for occasions enough any more. And this totally does not count as cosplay.



I don't think of myself as cock-hungry, but I do like the idea of having hundreds of penises on me. These dick homage leggings are from the Ugly collection Dutch designer Bas Kosters has put together for SS12. Bas is inspired by people's obsession with ugly bodies and ugliness in society and aims to reclassify clashing outfits, weird aesthetics, and ugliness in general as fashion.


As cute as this line of jewellery with little plants inside by Reykjavik-based designer Hafsteinn Juliusson is, I've been dubious of combining fashion with living things ever since Disco Stu's dead goldfish platform shoes. And if the dying fern collecting dust in the corner of my bedroom is any indication of my abilities as a gardener, I should most certainly be saying "pass" on these accessories.

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