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This Guy's LinkedIn Password Was Probably "Dildo666"

Since LinkedIn got hacked, we were able to round up the dumbest passwords people used on the social network. Please, laugh at their shame.

LinkedIn was hacked, with current estimates pegging the number of stolen passwords at around 6.5 million. That’s a whole lot of passwords! I wonder if they’re sitting in a spreadsheet somewhere.

Why? Well, it’s LinkedIn, the supposed social network for "professional types" that really seems to be, for normal people, nothing more than an online repository for key résumé information. But for a pretty hefty group, LinkedIn is the premier location for self-promoting hypernetworking jerkoffery that resembles a speed dating group featuring nothing but autistic Donald Trump cyborgs.


You’d think that, for people that take themselves so seriously, they’d have some seriously professional passwords. Well, thanks to the wonderful LeakedIn tool that checks if your password was stolen, I’ve rounded up the absolute dumbest passwords people used on LinkedIn. Please, laugh at their shame.


You had to expect this one, but damn is it depressing.


I can’t tell if this is a spelling error or if someone took the time to try to be clever but still ended up with a horrible password.


LinkedIn, where social media strategists go to let their hair down.

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