Berlin Is a Paradise – Part 2


This story is over 5 years old.


Berlin Is a Paradise – Part 2

Here are a couple things you might see in Berlin: a jacket placed on the ground while its owner digs through a gutter, black umbrellas being used to protect right-wingers from flying gloves of piss, and young couples fondling romantically on shattered...
October 30, 2014, 2:30pm

How we choose to spend our time on this planet is generally up to us, but that doesn't stop me often being impressed by some of the decisions made by the people living in Berlin. The city is full of true pioneers-folks pushing the boundaries of what's acceptable every day. And they always do it in style: A jacket is delicately placed on the ground when digging through the gutter, chic black umbrellas are used to protect right-wingers from flying gloves of piss and young, trendy couples fondle romantically on shattered Jäger bottles.

However even a paradise has its laws, and where there are laws there are overly padded protectors in green and blue to enforce them. Our guardians in disguise are here to beat us into shape when we step out of line, to spray things in our faces and drag us through the streets. If this is how we behave with them around, what kind of shit would we be getting up to in public without them?


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