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Why on Earth Did This Woman Inject Dog Pee into Her Breasts?

This video of a woman giving herself DIY dog-pee injections is probably the most disturbing, unexplainable thing on the internet.

​Look, breast implants are expensive. A decent pair of silicone will run you between $5,000 and $10,000, and not every flat-chested girl's got that kind of money. I've heard of women injecting everything from olive oil to Vaseline into their tatas as a sort of "DIY boob job." For what it's worth, those methods are not recommended. The woman who injected Vaseline into her boobs eventually ​died from it.


But this vide​o, of a woman injecting her dog's pee into her rack, has really got me stumped. (Disclaimer: This video actually shows a woman injecting urine into her breasts, so click at your own risk. It's probably the closest thing to "breaking the internet" that I've ever seen.)

If this video is real, then I'm entirely at a loss as to what would compel a person to inject dog urine into her body. The leading theory on Reddit is that the woman in question was hoping for a "P cup"—not that it seems to be working. The poor woman's breasts don't look any bigger by the end of video, and she appears to be in a great deal of pain. She also wrote in the description of the video that her "right boob were very swollen and i had a hard time breathing and feels like my airway were blocked.. and its still swollen after 8 hours or now that the video has been uploaded."

But back to the question. Why would anyone do this? Some theories:

This is some form of urine therapy
There's a belief—a disputed one, but a belief nonetheless—that urine has some kind of ​medicinal power to heal the human body. It's been alleged to relieve allergies, soothe stings and bites, and even treat cancer. Of course, most evidence to support urine therapy involves human urine, so it's unclear where the dog fits into the equation.

She's a camgirl
People will do some fucked-up shit on camera when it's for money. This would explain why she's filming this highly disturbing procedure, as well as why she's injecting herself in the first place.


She has an injecting-dog-urine-into-her-breasts fetish
There's something for everyone, right?

She's can't afford breast implants
​As noted earlier, that shit's expensive. And the woman in this video is wearing a pink Abercrombie polo shirt, which is a good indication that she isn't rolling in dough. There's also a lot of scar tissue surrounding her breasts, so maybe she's injected dog piss many times before, or maybe she's injected other things into her breasts in order to make them appear bigger.

She's attempting hormone therapy
There's some speculation online that the woman in the video may be transgender. If that's the case, she could be (a) trying to make her breasts bigger, or (b) trying to use urine as a type of hormone therapy. The urine of pregnant mares has been used as a somewhat controversial hormone therapy, since it's so high in estrogen. The thing is, she's using pee from a dog, and that dog appears to be male. It also doesn't explain why she drank the pee afterward.

It's some sort of elaborate prank
​…which wouldn't explain why someone would want to make other people think she had injected dog urine into her breast. Maybe she was trying to get more Instagram followers?

There simply is no explanation
The only thing worse than watching the entire length of this video is doing so and not knowing why. Why! Why! But there are some questions for which there just aren't answers: Is there life on other planets? Who is John Galt? What happened to Amelia Earhart? Why is this woman injecting dog pee into her breasts? We'll never know, and that's probably OK.

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