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Cry-Baby of the Week

This week: A school's suspension of a student because he accidentally brought a beer to class versus banning a guy for life because he made a terrible joke.

It's time, once again, to marvel at some idiots who don't know how to handle the world:

Cry-Baby #1: Livingston High School 

Video via @niallkenny

The incident: A kid confessed to his teacher that he'd accidentally brought a can of beer to school.

The appropriate response: Thanking him for his honesty.

The actual response: He was suspended.

Last week, 17-year-old Chaz Seale was hurriedly packing his school lunch at home in Livingston, Texas. When trying to grab a soda, he accidentally took a can of Coors Light instead.  "He was in a hurry, running late. We were talking about school, and he put it all together and took off," his mother Christi told ABC Eyewitness News.


During his third period, Chaz discovered the beer while looking for something in his bag.

He took the unopened can to his teacher and explained what had happened.

The teacher reported Chaz to the school's principal, who responded by suspending him for three days. He was then told he would be sent to an alternative school for an additional two months.

"I gave it to the teacher thinking I wouldn't get in trouble, and I got in trouble," Chaz said.

In a statement, Livingston Independent School DIstrict said, "The principal of Livingston High School followed approriate LISD administrative procedures and protocol."

Chaz's mom is currently appealing the punishment.

Cry-Baby #2: The Hilton Basingstoke

Image via Twitter user @xtreemx

The incident: A man made a terrible joke while checking into a hotel.

The appropriate response: Groaning.

The actual response: The hotel banned him for life.

Earlier this month, 35-year-old Jason Payne (pictured above with an ecstatic Liam Gallagher) booked a room at the Hilton in Basingstoke, UK.

While making the booking, he wrote a joke in the online booking form's "additional comments" section. It read, "There's a large snake in my trousers. Hope that's OK."

When he was checking into the hotel a few days later, the receptionist saw the joke and laughed. "It was a joke, and I had no idea that staff would read it," Jason said. "The woman at the reception just suddenly burst out laughing hysterically and appeared very amused. I had no idea why, and then she read the comments to me… Her colleague then also laughed."


According to Jason, neither staff member seemed offended by the joke.

Jason stayed at the hotel for one night before checking out. When he got home, he received an email from one of the managers of the hotel, informing him that he was banned from the premises. "We are not willing to accept that our team members are ever put into an uncomfortable situation, due to the abusive language a guest uses talking to them, writing them, or even on the booking form they fill in online," the email read.

In a statement, a representative for Hilton confirmed that the incident had taken place, and said the decision to ban Jason was made "at the discretion of the hotel team."

Meanwhile, Jason says that the banning will not make him stop joking around. "I find there's a universal sense of humor when the context is just a bit of a laugh," he said. "The comment was a bit of Austin Powers–style sophomoric banter, which regularly draws laughs."


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