Queerie Bradshaw

Queerie Bradshaw

  • Lascivious: How to Hurt the Ones You Love

    I’m here to tell you that, even as a radical feminist, it’s OK to hit your girlfriend. It is acceptable to strangle her until she taps out. It’s perfectly fine to smack her until she’s red, bruised, possibly even bleeding. You can do all of this...

  • Lascivious: For the Love of Porn

    February is the month of love and there’s nothing I love more than porn. Someone on my feed recently posted a quote from a marriage-counseling conference that said, “No one in the history of the world has ever had a better marriage because of...

  • Lascivious: My Bloody Valentine

    Except for getting my blood drawn, seeing blood never bothered me. If anything, it intrigued and aroused me. But my relationship with blood changed drastically recently, and now my view of everything from sex to Valentine’s Day hearts is skewed.

  • Lascivious: Let Me Entertain You

    How a farmer’s daughter raised by Republicans ended up a sexpert with a law degree, the girl who speaks at Ivy League schools about the legalities of sweaty stuff, and the newest sex columnist for VICE.