Alex Schubert

  • Wayne Coyne

    The pressures of Fashion Cat's life are affecting his work, so he turned to the Flaming Lips' frontman for advice. Things get pretty glittery.

  • David Letterman

    Fashion Cat is a powerful and important artist who is a cat. This time around, Fashion Cat is having a nightmarish appearance on David Letterman.

  • Treehouse of Horror

    Who dares to trick or treat at the Blobby Boys home? Just a bunch of dumb kids in costumes that only comic book readers will recognize.

  • Dr. Slime in 'Fury'

    A tragic tale of a mad scientist, an experiment gone horribly awry, and an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster starring Shia LaBeouf.

  • Cute Boys Alert

    Kristoff is trying to make it in comics and animation, but his jealousy of his successful peers gets in the way. Featuring some insidery references you may not get!

  • Dr. Slime

    In this episode, one of the Blobby B's is trying to come up with ideas for a cartoon show he can pitch.