Amanda and Isaac Toups

  • Cajun-Style Baked Eggs Recipe

    A ton of cream, some cheese curds, and andouille sausage: this is how you bake your eggs in New Orleans.

  • Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo Recipe

    Don't be scared of the roux; take it nice and slow, and everything will come out just right.

  • Cajun Luau Recipe

    Garnished with bacon and pineapple, this cocktail is inspired by Hawaiian pizza, and we are kind of really into that.

  • Poppy's I.V. Recipe

    Everyone that knows Amanda and Isaac Toups knows they have two beautiful little girls: Poppy and Ivy. The cocktail is meant to be dangerously delicious, and a play on words to include both of their daughter's names.