Amie Barrodale

  • VICE Magazine's 11th Annual Fiction Issue Is Now Online

    We have stories from Joyce Carol Oates, Tim Parks, Ottessa Moshfegh, David Shields, Alexia Arthurs, and many more.

  • French Girls - New Fiction by Amie Barrodale

    New fiction by Amie Barrodale about runaways, crooks, liars, and other people in varying degrees of trouble.

  • Letter from the Chateau Marmont

    When we recently stayed at the Chateau we brought our friends Carol and Tony to the lobby. At the table next to ours, two round-bellied men in their 40s, dressed like they’d just come from a baseball game, were gossiping about the movies they were...

  • Introducing VICE's Annual Fiction Issue

    VICE's 2014 fiction issue is all about hollywood and its writers.

  • Khyentse Norbu Goes to Hollywood

    When he was in film school, Khyentse Norbu wore pants. He liked to befriend people who didn’t believe in Buddhism. He liked to argue with them. He also liked that they didn’t treat him with any respect.

  • 'Praying Drunk' with Author Kyle Minor

    Kyle Minor's short-story collection Praying Drunk came out Friday. I had seen the very positive reviews, and I felt like staying in bed and reading. When I got to the end of the second story, I was bawling. Not sort of softly choked up, or...

  • We Talked to Author Akhil Sharma About His Upcoming Novel

    We have been trying to publish Akhil Sharma's work ever since reading his debut novel, An Obedient Father. I decided to give him a call so we could have a brief chat about his latest book, Family Life, which is being published in April.

  • Guilt-Tripping

    In 2010, a friend of mine started a travel magazine and asked if she could publish an article I had written about a Kashmiri tailor, during a month I spent living on a houseboat in Kashmir.

  • Tony Leung Is a Foxy Grandmaster

    Wong Kar Wai’s new movie The Grandmaster is about the Chinese Kung Fu master Ip Man, who is played by Tony Leung. Ip Man, you may know, was Bruce Lee’s martial-arts instructor. You also may know that Leung is a fox. I sat down with the actor for...

  • A Ghost Story

    Since the incident, I did not drink, due to a court order. Occasionally, however, I drank with my mother in small amounts, or alone at a place around the corner. I confessed this to Edward. I said, “Earlier tonight I had wine with my mother. Generally...

  • Shiva’s Wedding

    We’d been in India for a month, and it looked like the wedding wasn't going to happen. The last two times I’d been married my brides had been enthusiastic—they were insistent, even. Now I was getting married for a third time to a woman who didn’t want...

  • The Number

    “What it is, is that I want to have sex with you. I think it would be really good for me to have sex with you.”