Anna Lekas Miller

  • Migrant Workers Are Bringing a Taste of Home to Beirut

    Lebanon’s migrant workers have limited freedoms, make little money, and endure systemic racism. But one Sri Lankan domestic worker is rising above that by training with Lebanese chefs and showcasing her homemade cuisine at an upscale restaurant.

  • Brutal War Can't Stop Lebanon's Wineries

    Despite enduring a 15-year civil war, a massive influx of Syrian refugees escaping violence across the border, and the new threat of ISIS, Lebanon's winemakers in the Bekaa Valley refuse to stop producing some of the world's best wine.

  • 'This Is Completely Insane': A Glimpse Into Life as a Doctor in Gaza

    VICE News talked to an NGO worker in Gaza about how doctors there are coping with the deaths and injuries from the current Israeli assault.

  • This Woman Walked Around Beirut Wearing a Fake Bomb

    On Sunday, Lebanese performance artist Rima Najdi strolled the streets of Beirut clad completely in black—oh, except for a big, fake, red TNT suicide vest-style bomb strapped to her chest. I caught up with Rima to chat about her performance.