Annette Lamothe-Ramos

Annette Lamothe-Ramos

  • Space Is the Place

    Photos by Annette Lamothe-Ramos and styling by Miyako Bellizzi.

  • The Great and God Awful Trends of New York Fashion Week Spring 2014

    We took our time to really go through everything we saw at New York Fashion Week to compile for you the best, worst, and unavoidable trends that will be forced in front of your faces come spring 2014.

  • Return to New Zealand Fashion Week

    For the second year in a row, I gladly skipped out on the first half of New York Fashion Week in order to screw up my internal clock by hauling ass across the globe to the tiny little country of New Zealand.

  • A Father's Day Gift Guide

    To the Aka Pygmy people of Central Africa, or as I like to refer to them, “the best fathers in the world,” a good dad is someone who spends every goddamn hour all up in your personal business and even breastfeeds you along with a lot of other awkward...

  • Coachella Special: The Style History of The Stone Roses, Blur, The Make-Up, and Nick Cave

    Nick Cave's been working suited and booted vampire chic for 30 plus years and The Stones Roses have a lot to answer for.

  • The Dos and Don'ts of Coachella

    This was my third time attending Coachella, so by now I've seen it all—from Rave Dad to a technologically reincarnated Tupac Shakur. For those of you who are going for the first time next week, or are just insane and returning for week two, here are...

  • Brooke Candy Wants to Fuck Right Now

    You just want Fashion Week and all the models to go away so life, work, and social media can finally go back to the way they used to be. It takes a while for the numbness to disappear, and in order to help speed up the thawing process, we've decided to...

  • Beelzebub's Daughter

    Even by the standards of New Agey, cult-friendly LA, Zeena Schreck had a bizarre and abusive upbringing at the hands of parents who made the devil more famous than he’s ever been.

  • The Very Best of New Zealand Fashion Week

    I spared NZFW designers by conducting myself with a bit more grace and, rather than pissing on everyone, sharing with you a “Best of…” list of all the things I liked I during the week.

  • I Walked Around in a Burqa All Day (And I’m Not Muslim)

    After watching 74 YouTube videos and parsing 108 Google search pages, not a single one could tell me if burqas were comfortable or how Americans react to seeing someone resembling the Grim Reaper float by them in line at Starbucks. So, I figured that...

  • Sugar Gliders!

    This might be the cutest Cute Show yet. We would literally punt a baby out the window if it was standing between us and these cuddly little guys.

  • Obliterate - Mermaids, Twins, Drugs

    I prefer to waste my time browsing through crap, uttering “What the fuck?” under my breath, and shooting looks of disgust to no one.