Benjamin Shapiro
  • Reggie Watts Has a New Show

    Our favorite funny musician (or musical comedian) Reggie Watts just started a new show called "The Social Music Experiment" on his new YouTube channel, Jash. For some reason we were invited on set to see first hand how internet gold is made.

  • I Met Paul Williams Once

    Today our arty sister site the Creators Project dropped an interview with this Oscar-winning singer-songwriter as part of their new series on Daft Punk's new record. I met him a few months back, and let me tell you, he's tiny.

  • Listen to Kylesa's New Single, "We're Taking This"

    We love Kylesa, and we love that they've got a new record coming out next month. We especially love the sludge-metal crushiness and isolation-tank psychedelia of their new single, "We're Taking This."

  • Ace of Base's Secret Nazi Past

    Before he founded Ace of Base, Ulf Ekberg was a neo-Nazi skinhead. Did Ekberg use Ace of Base's success as an opportunity to erase his neo-Nazi past and rise to a position of geopolitical influence?

  • Here's Why Foxygen Doesn't Suck

    Here's why I think you should stop being a douche and give Foxygen a chance.

  • Exclusive Premiere: The Lonely Island's "YOLO" Single, ft. a Remix by Sam F

    The Lonely Island are releasing the "YOLO" single for Record Store Day, a 3,000-copy run of yellow vinyl seven-inches. Here's the exclusive stream, plus the exclusive world premiere of Sam F.'s remix.