Benjamin Shapiro

Benjamin Shapiro

  • Meet Chikungunya, a Highly Infectious Disease Slated to Hit the American South

    Chikungunya is an acute virus transmitted from the bite of an infected mosquito that leaves hosts crippled by persistent arthritis. There’s currently no vaccine to prevent the disease, its just hit the Caribbean, and it's on track to hit the southern...

  • Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain Just Dropped Their First Book Since 'Please Kill Me'

    Even if you haven't read Please Kill Me, you've seen its black-and-red ransom-note logo on even the most shallow of bookshelves. Legs and Gillian haven't put out a book together in 18 years, but last week they released Dear Nobody, a...

  • This Hotel in Belgium Is Shaped Like a Giant Anus

    Belgium's CasAnus (which translates roughly as "anus house") is a conceptual one-room hotel that lets its visitors fulfill their lifelong dreams of sleeping in a giant butthole.

  • 68,000 People Are Playing Pokémon Simultaneously Right Now

    The gamer-oriented livestream site is hosting a huge public bout of GameBoy's Pokémon Red. A massive hive is collectively operating one character, and they are currently about halfway through.

  • Here Is Cheatahs' New Video

    Here's a premiere of "Get Tight," a song about that mega crush you've always had who introduced you to Racine and The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, but is actually a gnarly drug addict who will steal from your siblings and drag you into an...

  • This Is What a Plane Crash Feels Like

    Charlie Victor Romeo, which opens today in New York, is a new film that uses actors to reenact the black box transcripts from six real airline disasters, some of which were fatal. It's easily the most horrifying film I've seen this year.

  • Unstoppable Death Machines's "Shake It Crazy" Video

    Unstoppable Death Machines are Mike and Billy Tucci, two long-haired, weed-obsessed Brooklyn brothers who play spazzed-out, kaleidoscopic noise-punk in trashy lofts and basements. Their new video is a spasmodic procession of mouth-watering weed plants...

  • David Bowie - "Love Is Lost"

    David Bowie just sent us his new video for “Love Is Lost,” and since we're obliged to do anything he says, we decided to premiere it. It's directed by Barnaby Roper, and it's well-worth watching through all ten minutes, especially if you want to see a...

  • The Act of Puking

    Vomiting makes some people feel so good that they’ve devoted their lives to studying it. Their ultimate goal is to answer the questions: Why do people blow their grits, and what are we to do about it? The answers are more complicated than one might...

  • What You Missed at the 2013 Citizen Hearings on Extraterrestrials

    Would you even believe that conspiracies are involved?

  • Do the 2013 Citizen Hearings on Extraterrestrials Prove Aliens Exist?

    According to filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, we no longer have the luxury of disbelief. His new film, Truth Embargo, interviews high-level "cosmic whistleblowers," and we’ve got a few exclusive snippets of his work.

  • Meet the Guy Who Accidentally Shot Himself in the Heart with a Nail Gun

    Eugene Rakow is a 58-year-old self-employed carpenter living in St. Bonifacious, Minnesota. Not too long ago, he was helping his neighbor to build a deck, and ended up accidentally shooting himself in the heart with a nail gun. I called him up to find...