Damian Abraham

Damian Abraham

  • The Dark Grey Market - Trailer

    VICE host Damian Abraham went to BC, the Wild West of Canadian chronic to visit marijuana grows and dispensaries that navigate the line between the black and grey markets.

  • Fucked Up's Damian Abraham Nerds Out and Interviews Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster About 'The Best Show'

    The Fucked Up frontman finds out how they’re bringing the show's massive world from the radio to the stage for a West Coast live tour.

  • Canada's Medical Marijuana Program Is Hurting Patients

    We chat with a bunch of people who are unable to get reliable and affordable access to cannabis medications in Canada. Then we take some of them to Mega Ill, Canada's first medical-marijuana-infused pizza parlor.

  • Inside Canada's New Corporate Weed System

    In this episode, Damian visits two gigantic, legal weed factories. He also chats with pot activists to get their take on Canada's new medical marijuana system. Plus, he visits a private grower who is licensed to grow legally, but is being squeezed out...

  • Canadian Cannabis - Trailer

    Our brand new weed series, hosted by Damian Abraham, takes a close look at Canada's new medical marijuana system. We also hung out with some pot enthusiasts that truly couldn't care less about a government system. Check out the trailer, and watch for...