Dr. Mona Moore

  • What Not to Do for an Erection

    The wince-making shame of trying to push an increasingly flaccid penis into an ever more impatient pussy is undeniable. But the valiant lengths men go to in desperation can have painful consequences.

  • Stories From the Slab

    This week, Dr. Moore is chopping up a dead granny.

  • Please Don't Stuff Your Cock

    Why do men insist on stuffing their dicks with maggots, thermometers, and goldfish? If you're already bored of putting things in your ass, would you be so kind as to invest in a penis plug, rather than making me watch another man piss pus.

  • This Housewife Got a Slug Stuck in Her Vagina

    People are perverts set on finding new ways of fucking themselves up, usually in the misguided pursuit of pleasure. And there is very little I can do as a doctor to stop them.

  • How Much Coke Is Bad for Me?

    A dentist friend treated a woman who had done so much cocaine it had rotted a hole between her nose and mouth, as well as perforating her septum. This woman had a 1" by .5" wide black rancid pit on the roof of her mouth, through which her rotting nose...

  • The Dead Won't Rise Again

    Ill this autumn? Better hurry up and die before the hospital releases its medical students upon you.