Emma Beals

  • Syria's Rebel Press Is Fighting Back Against Jihadists

    As ISIS continues to oppress the fledgling media landscape in the north and east of Syria, the ANA New Media Association has pledged to whip up a storm of protest every time a journalist or activist is targeted by the jihadis.

  • More and More Journalists Are Being Kidnapped in Syria

    Journalists who are justifiably worried about being kidnapped by the rebels or the regime are being forced to reconsider the way they cover the ongoing civil war, even as they feel a duty to continue reporting on it.

  • I Don't Have the Stones to Be a Crime Reporter

    Last summer, I filed a story about a 12-year-old girl from London who'd failed to return home one Friday. People go missing all the time, so, although obviously sad, it was nothing that remarkable. In the days that followed, however, Tia Sharp's...

  • The Robot That's Going to Save Syrians from Assad's Snipers

    Sniper alleys are rife in Syria. The specific locations of these death traps often aren't known until someone takes a wrong turn and gets shot. A dire side effect of these alleys is that others try to drag the wounded to safety, often getting...

  • Syria's Refugees Face a Deadly Winter

    Two children have already died from the cold in refugee camps.

  • Wijbe Abma begon een liefdadigheidsinstelling in Aleppo

    “Mensen hebben het vertrouwen in grote organisaties verloren, maar niet in de kleine. Dus wil ik het goed doen.”