Erin Lee Carr

Erin Lee Carr

  • Brooklyn's Fashionable Taxidermist Takes Cashcats to Another Level: Video

    Divya's apartment is an incredible voyage into the absurd where chicks have two heads and baby deers never wake up.

  • Meet the Guy Who Hunts Space Bears in Rural Virginia

    _Episode 5 of our space show, Spaced Out. See other episodes "in the video room": Shaw is a quiet, unassuming man in love with the wilderness. He also knows far more about tardigrades then almost...

  • Making Slime With Dan Deacon

    For the first episode of Motherboard’s new series “Experimental Music,” we opened some brews, unpackaged our slime materials, and got ready to do some science with Deacon.

  • Motherboard TV: Making Slime With Dan Deacon

    It was 3pm when we got word that Dan Deacon wanted to hang out with Motherboard. We knew it would be worth it to make the 5 hour trek to Baltimore to check in on Deacon, whose new album “America” launches August 26/27.

  • In the Uncensored Internet Age, There's Nothing Scarier Than A Hot Mic

    Internally and externally monitoring yourself is something we should all attempt, but rarely do. I would not describe myself as a paranoid person, especially regarding the internet. I discuss drugs and sex at length on Gchat, have shamelessly used...

  • The Rules of Modern Day Attraction

    Want a recipe for loneliness and jealousy, but in a good way? Booze not doing the trick anymore? In my current role as Associate Producer for I spend a lot of time on the internet, and when I say a lot I mean it--you'd think my ass would...