Esben Holmboe Bang

  • Arctic Circle Gonads Got Me High

    Also known as "crow's balls" by locals in Northern Norway, these urchins are hand picked in the deep, frigid waters off the coast of a small town called Bodø.

  • Strawberries, Flower Rub, and Unripe Blueberries

    Edible flowers aren't just for decoration anymore: make a pesto vinaigrette with them and toss it with berries.

  • Vikings Were Great Cooks Long Before The Rest of Us

    As a Scandinavian chef, I've immersed myself into our history to figure out how people have pulled through our freezing winters.

  • Chef's Night Out: Maaemo

    Esben Holmboe Bang of Maaemo—one of the top 50 restaurants in the world—takes us out for a night of mezcal, tacos, sheep ribs, and Norwegian folk metal.

  • How Horns Filled with Cow Shit Affect the Way I Cook

    I grew up in a commune that shared a similar ethos to Rudolf Steiner's social reforms (which included biodynamic farming). As I grew older, I rejected the environment I was raised in, but the moon phases, cow skulls, and farming practices have...