Esme Blegvad

  • Introducing: The Dickhead Chef Boyfriend

    Are their knife skills hot? Yes. Will they drag you down to Hell’s kitchen and then say they’re not looking for anything serious? You bet.

  • The Dark Room Boom

    From big in the 70s to shut down in the 80s, UK queer clubs are now experiencing a new wave of gay sex-positivity.

  • Introducing: The Polyamorous Fuckboy

    The classic fuckboys of the past are now hiding under a cloak of terms like “relationship anarchy” and "non-monogamy".

  • Introducing: The Gourmand

    Does your friend know far too much about sous vide, Japanese knives and the hottest small plate restaurants in town for their own good?

  • Thank God Summer Is Over

    Time to give up, eat soup, and ride out the rest of the year watching a perfectly middling TV show about murder.

  • Gen Z Are Already Nostalgic for 2014

    It may have only been seven years ago, but the days of American Apparel tennis skirts and Tumblr are already being romanticised online.