Frank Pinello

  • The Pizza Show: Business of Pizza

    We'll explore some new frontiers of the pizza business, from a company that's using robots to revolutionize pizza to South Korea, the hottest growing market for za'.

  • Pizza Show: Kesté

  • Baked Clams Recipe

    Stuffed with a bit of breading, herbs, and lemon, these baked clams are simple, yet incredibly satisfying.

  • Classic Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

    Dare we say these are the perfect party appetizer? (You could even add a little bacon to these guys if you wanted.)

  • MUNCHIES Presents: Edible Schoolyard NYC

    MUNCHIES host Frank Pinello visits the Edible Schoolyard NYC program in East Harlem, New York to see the program's seed to table educational experience at work.

  • Why Chicago Thin Crust Pizza Is Great

    Growing up in New York, the first time I witnessed a whole pizza getting cut up into diamond-shaped bites, I was confused. That was until I went to Chicago, and wised up.

  • A Visual Guide to What Makes Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza Great

    During my travels on The Pizza Show, I’ve sampled and tested some of Chicago’s finest deep-dish pizzas. Here’s a quick crash-course on deep-dish anatomy.

  • The Pizza Show: Chicago

    From deep dish to tavern style thin, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Chicago pizza. Frank Pinello is here to show us the ins and outs of Chicago pizza and introduce us to the people who help make it what it is today.

  • Watch an Extra Scene from 'The Pizza Show': Marie's Pizza & Liquors

    Step inside Chicago's magical pizzeria where you can eat thin-crust tavern-style pizza, be serenaded by a band, and pick up liquor next door.

  • Frank Pepe's White Clam Pizza Recipe

    Bring the flavors of New Haven home with the recipe inspired by the #1 pizza in America: the white clam pizza from Frank Pepe's.

  • The Pizza Show: New Haven

    This episode is not about pizza. It's about "apizza." There's a difference.

  • The Pizza Show: Brooklyn

    In our inaugural episode, we make a whirlwind tour of Brooklyn's best pizzerias, from Roberta's in Bushwick—which truly changed an entire neighborhood—to Lucali in Carroll Gardens and Di Fara in Midwood.