Gary Indiana

  • A Stone for Michael Stewart

    Last week you threw away a Crock-Pot your mom gave you for Christmas 20 years ago.

  • My Big Fat Gay Wedding

    I have a column due today for VICE. No idea for it whatsoever. Tracey said I should just print the email I sent her this morning. J. said, "Oh just write about gay marriage, everybody else is." All right, I'll combine the two.

  • Oh, What a Dirty War

    During the Dirty War in Argentina, members of the Catholic hierarchy were fully awake to what was going on around them. A few behaved decently and stuck their necks out for the victims; some were tortured and themselves killed.

  • Puppet Horror

    Hitler is the only individual besides Jesus Christ to exert such unflagging fascination.

  • Implications of the Horse Meat Scandal

    I don't recall the exact wording of the note. It was tacked on a corkboard, obscured by notices and fliers, in a basement corridor of Otis Art School, when Otis was in the Wilshire District.

  • Apes on a Gilded Treadmill

    The really tragic events at Downton Abbey are not Lady Cora’s miscarriage (brought about by the sinister, ever-machinating Miss O’Brien with a strategically placed bar of soap), or Bates’s unjust conviction for killing his wife (who ate a poisoned pie...

  • Let’s Face It

    Writers are not generally celebrities, but I did have one delirious fan. He kept me on the telephone for hours every night, during a period when I was snorting heroin to cure my insomnia.

  • Reality Check

    I can't tell you much of a personal nature about Sunando Sen. I only knew him as a helpful, pleasant, intelligent person who worked at the NY Copy and Printing Center at the end of my block for many years.

  • Flu Season

    Fun fact: After a suicide bombing, forensic investigators immediately "look for the face mask." The shock waves from an explosion blow the bomber's head to smithereens but for some reason leave the face intact.

  • Fuck Israel

    It's too much to hope that any American government will ever even threaten to turn off the spigot of funds to Israel, but if it did the whole Israel-Palestine conflict would be settled in a half hour.

  • Room Service with Tracey Emin and Gary Indiana

    The following is a conversation between Gary Indiana and Tracey Emin at the Standard Hotel. In it, the pair discuss everything from writer's block to the fucking habits of the young and old. Somewhere along the line they order room service, too.

  • Melancholia

    Something was a little off with the projection, or the print, or both, it looked in fact as if the movie I saw in New York had been dipped briefly in a bucket of Clorox, but it was still very powerful.