Karley Sciortino

Karley Sciortino

  • A New York Sugar Baby Eats Caviar and Meets a Tickling Fetishist

    Alexandra is a 26-year-old filmmaker from the south of France. Living in New York without a working visa, she joined a sugar daddy website as a way to make fast cash. But she soon found herself in the midst of fancy dinners, a threesome, and a strange...

  • People Who Just Had Sex: Tobias and Brian

    In this episode we meet Tobias and Brian, a Brooklyn couple who have had particularly unique and experimental sexual histories—from gay porn auditions, to Tobias losing his virginity on a plane, to three-way relationships, to a stint of anti-gay...

  • A Sugar Baby Flirts with Foie Gras and a Ménage à Trois

    Claire is a 24-year-old fashion assistant from LA who shares two stories of her sugar baby adventures—one with a creep who introduces her to Senegalese cuisine, and the other with a French couple who have refined tastes but a lot of baggage.

  • Do Girls Like Toys More Than Boys?

    I decided to consult my favorite sex therapist, June Tomaso-Wood, to ask her if it’s true that girls like toys more than boys.

  • Manga Artist Jiraiya Is a Virtuoso of Gay Japanese Art

    Manga artist Jiraiya is a virtuoso of gay Japanese art, known for his photorealistic illustrations of gachimuchi men. Now, Jiraiya is collaborating with Opening Ceremony and Japenese sex toy brand Tenga, which means soon you’ll be able to both wear and...

  • Catching Up on a Month's Worth of Celebratory Masturbating

    May was national masturbation month. If, unlike me, your Facebook friends aren’t almost exclusively feminist bloggers and people who make vagina-based art, your feed may not have informed you of that important fact.