Kate Dries

Kate Dries

Editorial Director, Features

  • The Last Good Summer

    It was supposed to be a time of promise. But—as we investigate in the new issue of VICE magazine—rules are made to be broken.

  • The White Sage Black Market

    As “smudging” has been appropriated from Native American use, the selling of sage offers a cautionary tale for the wellness economy—one where the intentions of users can be subverted by suppliers, and many sellers have no idea of their impacts.

  • A Plague on Ibiza

    Since they arrived unexpectedly in the early 2000s, snakes have become a local preoccupation in Ibiza—for the iconic Ibiza wall lizard, and for the humans who brought them in, too.

  • The Way to Prevent a Recount Disaster Is Sitting Right in Front of Us

    November 3, 2020 is almost guaranteed to result in election recounts. Meet our possible savior: the risk-limiting audit.

  • Algorithms Are Automating Fascism. Here’s How We Fight Back

    “Bias” can’t be fixed with a software update. Only by disrupting oppressive systems on every level can we make a more just world.

  • The Algorithm in the Armchair

    Can machine learning more accurately diagnose mental disorders, and prescribe the right medications? Maybe one day.