Lara Heintz

Lara Heintz

  • Mars in an Ice Cave

    Last year's Mars 500 simulation - in which six men locked themselves inside of a spacecraft-like environment in the outskirts of Moscow for 520 days - may have been scientifically "accurate" but "looked":

  • How to Be An Activist Filmmaker: An Interview with Chris Rogy of Witness

    I recently had time to catch up with Chris Rogy, who's currently part of the group at Witness developing best practices for activist filmmakers. (Full disclosure: He's a friend of mine.) We chatted about everything from Witness' "How to Film Protests...

  • Newly-Discovered Caribbean Lizards Are Rad, But Also Probably Extinct

    In the largest batch of species discovery since the early 1800s, a team of researchers from Penn State University recently identified, and named 24 new species of lizards known as skinks, all from the Caribbean Islands.

  • This Is What Pi Looks Like

    Last year, a programmer from Japan and a 23- year old student from Northwestern "continued humanity's obsession": with _pi_ when they successfully...

  • Claude Monet Had Trippy Ultraviolet Vision

    It's the painter's perennial conundrum: How does one interpret reality, so it, you know, doesn't look like everybody else's? While many painters across the canvas of history may resort to the occasional LSD or opium bomb, it turns out all Claude Monet...

  • Here's the Indictment that Blew the Lid on the eBay of Drug Trafficking This Week

    It's unfortunate for all those folks who used the service to comfortably order their fixes with a simple click of a button, sure. But at the end of the day who doesn't love a good drug bust?

  • Online Drug Slinging Fail

    But hey, who doesn't love a good drug bust?

  • The Next Massive Oil Spill Will Be Cleaned With Sound

    This week marks the two year anniversary of BP's megalithic oil spill debacle. Unlike the similarly catastrophic Exxon Valdez crash in 1989, which clocked in at a mere 250- 750 thousand barrels or spillage, the Deepwater Horizon disaster not only cost...

  • Doris Norton Made Electronic Music for Steve Jobs

    Long before U2 sold iPods, Apple's first music "endorsement" was what you might have expected from a young computer company started by a couple of hackers: "Doris Norton":, an Italian-born musician-turned...

  • When You're Holding a Gun, Everything Looks Like a Target

    Guns don't kill people. But, according to new research, they alter your perception, which can cause you to kill people.

  • What Happens When You Delete Your Street from Google Maps?

    It's true, guys: We're living in the Golden Age of crowd-sourcing our information. With the recent announcement that the age-old cornerstone of academic fact-finding, the Encyclopaedia Britannica, will "soon be out of print":

  • Star Trekkin' IRL: The Iconic Tricorder Actually Exists

    One of the most beautiful things about the state of electrical and computer engineering today is that we've reached a point where anybody with the knowledge and desire to create something, can. Even "this guy":, Dr...