Lee Tiernan

  • How-To: Make Beef Tongue

    Chefs Lee Tiernan and Brad Spence prove that by using some very simple brining process and cooking steps, you can have a piece of beef tongue that tastes better than any corned beef you've ever had.

  • Raw Fish Salad Recipe

    Everything in this salad is raw, so no cooking is required.

  • How-To: Make Ham, Eggs, and Shad Roe

    Ham and eggs is a classic anytime combo, and it only gets better with the addition of rich shad roe, grilled ramps, and a sauce of nasturtium and herbs. Watch Rhode Island chef Matt Jennings show Lee Tiernan how to elevate this simple dish.

  • Goat Kebab Recipe

    A spicy goat kebab, rich from lardo, but balanced with a crispy slaw and chewy flatbread.

  • Rarebit Recipe

    This is how England does a grilled cheese, and it's pretty damn good.

  • Confit Pork Jowl

    Crispy, fatty pork jowl salad, tossed with brussel sprouts packed with Asian flavors.