Mark Copyranter Duffy

  • Social Media Dipshits: Stop Treating Us Like Fuckwits

    And stop calling yourselves "social media snipers," "digital Sinatras," "digital inventionists," "technology whisperers," "content kings," "brand activators," "brand pollinators," and "change agents" (all terms pulled from actual Twitter bios of social...

  • Here are Some of the Best Ads of 2014

    Here are some ads that did not make me want to poke out my eyes with a Dixie® knife.

  • Think You Can Write Better Ads Than Convicted Felons?

    Two young copywriters from San Francisco are working with inmates to create speculative advertising through a project called “Concepting with Convicts.”

  • Ad Agencies Have No Idea How to Talk to Women

    If you are a woman, chances are you’re not also a creative director at an advertising agency. Good for you! It is one of the most useless corporate jobs ever created.

  • American Car Ads Are an Embarrassment

    During the Oscars last night, Cadillac aired its controversial new “American exceptionalism” commercial, which premiered during the Winter Olympics. It features actor and devout Catholic Neal McDonough perfectly cast as “Arrogant American Asshole...

  • The Greatest American Copywriter Wasn’t a 'Mad Man'

    Tom McElligott is the Midwestern son of a preacher. As an adman he was shy, not boastful. He vomited before client presentations—not from liquor like that hack, Don Draper, but from fear. Fear that this new client wouldn’t have the balls to buy his...

  • Social Media Managers Are Dipshits, Continued

    The men and women who make up the “digital creative class” are a disgrace to their forebears. The industry, as it stands right now, has the imagination of a sheet of drywall. They have managed to create an atmosphere where even the laziest, most...

  • Very White Ad Agency Creates Whitest Valentine's Day Ads Ever

    Aside from jewelers, the other big early February advertisers are, of course, flower-delivery companies. The biggest—Florists’ Transworld Delivery—just released four new commercials, all featuring generic, white, hetero, annoying-as-humanly-possible...

  • The Only Good Super Bowl Ad Didn't Air

    The tank of creativity that traditionally fuels Super Bowl ads was running on fumes last night. The lazy, unimaginative spots were too numerous to delve into here, so let's focus on the one commercial that got it right: Doritos' "Finger Cleaner."

  • What the Hell Happened to Apple's Advertising?

    Last week marked the 30th anniversary of “1984,” the Orwellian commercial that introduced the Mac computer to the world. It started the grand American tradition of spending staggering amounts of money on Super Bowl ads, a custom that will be carried on...

  • New Zealand Knows How to Terrify Its Citizens Into Driving Better

    Earlier this month, a New Zealand anti-speeding commercial went viral, and for good reason—it is probably the most creative and effective ad for slowing the fuck down that has ever been made. But it is only the most recent standout commercial produced...

  • Who Is the Biggest Advertising Asshole of the Month?

    January isn’t even half over, but consumers worldwide have already been assaulted by a cavalcade of commercials, magazine ads, and tweets that assume they are all a bunch of halfwits.