Marloes Haarmans

  • Giving Away the Bomb

    The logic of nuclear weapons is that no one wants to start a war if you’ve got one. So why not give them to everyone?

  • You Don’t Have to Work On Yourself Forever

    A fixation on being the peak versions of ourselves—emotionally, physically, spiritually—is now an ingrained part of daily life. What would happen if you stopped?

  • The Wealthy Are Leaving Cities. Good Riddance

    When cities struggle, it’s only because they’re set up on the backs of rich people’s whims.

  • The Colonized World Wants Its Artifacts Back

    The mass repatriation of indigenous art and objects around the world would mean an all-encompassing recalibration of the ways modern day museums are understood and have traditionally functioned.

  • How to Build a Global Abolition Movement

    The carceral state is on the rise around the world, and ending it will require a movement that recognizes the internationalism of policing, even if, as one activist put it, "My pigs are not your pigs."