Michael Sieben

  • Okay Mountain E.A.S.T. Tour

    The East Austin Studio Tour is a yearly self-guided tour in Austin, Texas where artists from all walks of life open their studio doors to the public.

  • An Interview with Todd Falcon

  • The Trading Tortoise

    This past Saturday I visited DOMY Books, my local art/photography/design bookstore in Austin, and participated in an event called The Trading Tortoise. The Trading Tortoise is a traveling participatory art tour created and organized by Souther Salazar...

  • Your Mom Is a Nerd

  • An Interview with Travis Millard

    He gave me five bucks to do this.

  • I Finally Got an iPhone

    I finally got an iPhone a few weeks ago. I think what sealed the deal was when I was out skating with some old bros and one of my unemployed/unemployable friends pulled his iPhone out of his pocket to Instagram some nonsense.

  • A Review of My New Skate Video, 'Second Hand Stoke' (by Me)

    It might be somewhat unorthodox—even frowned upon—to write a review of your own company's video.

  • Beggars Can't Be Bitching

    I skipped writing this column last week because I was busy doing other stuff. What kind of other stuff? Oh, you know, just making a skateboard video kind of other stuff. We had a premiere for it at a real movie theater and everything.

  • Should Skateboarding Be in the Olympics?

    Modern vert and mega ramp are essentially gymnastics on wheels anyway, so why not include them? Oh yeah, that's right... because most pro skateboarders are on drugs.

  • Guided Tours of the Skate Spots in My Neighborhood

    As a freelancer, I spend a great deal of time scheming on ways to bring in more money to my household.

  • Trash Can Omelette

    A lot of times this column is easy to write. I go someplace, take a bunch of pictures, come home, make fun of the pictures, and then I'm done.

  • I Missed My High School Reunion

    But I did find all of my IDs from Seguin High. I was a card-carrying member of the fanny pack/beret society.