Mobutu Sese Seko

  • The Energy Fixers

    Programs like ARPA-E are helping U.S. researchers keep up with the worldwide march towards clean energy.

  • CPAC Is Full of Santorum

    In CPAC's unreality bubble, Santorum's own brand of uplifting nonsense is actually pretty moving.

  • Yeah, Ron Paul Is Racist After All, Sorry

    This week probably marks the moment that schadenfreude finally left the Ron Paul campaign.

  • Let Us Now Pity Famous Men

    The man who secures the Republican Party's nomination for President will be the most put-upon, under-appreciated, and maligned citizen in the country.

  • The GOP's Seemingly Never-Ending Debates

    While the debate format itself inhibits someone from saying anything real, more GOP debates damn everyone to hearing the repetition of white (in more ways than one) noise.

  • Romney Derangement Syndrome

    The feckless and serially insipid Mitt Romney has always managed to make everybody crazy; but even his supporters are affected by Romney Derangement.

  • Nobody Likes You, Jon Huntsman

    Jon Huntsman isn't mad as hell, and it's not getting him anywhere.

  • I’m Not Mad at Ron Paul, Just Disappointed

    Let's switch gears and ask ourselves what we can celebrate about the Ron Paul candidacy.

  • Ron Paul: Reactionary Racist Leprechaun

    With Herman Cain in the jaws of defeat from trying to indulge in so much victory snatch, and Ron Paul turning his knives on Newt Gingrich, it's time to figure out who's the new GOP flavor of the week.

  • Really? Newt Gingrich?

    Finding Newt at the head of the presidential pack is like turning on "Super Friends" and finding Aquaman in charge. Only in addition to speaking conversational Fish, Aquaman is also a dick.

  • High-Tech Tokenism

    The corpse of Herman Cain's candidacy will linger and emit noises, like gas escaping from each end, despite being killed by five (and counting) accusations of sexual harassment.

  • Herman Cain - Stupid Like a Fox

    If you've been watching the Republican debates, you'll remember Cain, because he's the black one. His qualification for being president is that he was the CEO of Godfather's Pizza.