Sam Gilbert

  • One Widow's Quest to Make Border Patrol Pay for Killing Her Husband

    Her husband died after being beaten and tased by border agents, and now Maria Puga gets a chance to shame the United States in an international tribunal.

  • The Inconceivable Atomic Legacy of New Mexico

    New Mexico is the "only state in the US supporting the entire cradle-to-grave nuclear economy," hosting uranium mining, nuclear weapons design and testing, the largest single arsenal of nuclear weapons, and—to the consternation of many—the country's...

  • Oktoberfest in Palestine

    The Palestinian beer festival is notably more reserved than the German original, but over the past nine years it's still managed to draw in hundreds of thousands of people—often young, wealthy Palestinians, both Christian and Muslim—to celebrate...

  • Driving with the Female Street Racers of Palestine

    Ramallah has a geography that breeds racers.

  • This Palestinian Taxidermist's Stuffed Animal Zoo Is Heartbreaking

    I’m at Qalqilya's zoo to see an exhibition of stuffed animals that Dr. Khader has created from the beasts that were killed in the Second Intifada, the four-year period of fighting that claimed the lives of 4,000 Palestinians and more than 1,00...