Smellis Groans

  • Hey, SF - There’s a Thing Happening

    You would have to be some sort of brain-dead maroon to miss the opening of Sandy Kim's new solo show.

  • Happy Meow-O-Ween!

    What better way to celebrate Halloween with all your friends and family than to send them a purrrrrrfectly cute Fashion Cats Halloween e-card?

  • Jim Mangan's Painted Naked People Are Coming to LA

    Jim Mangan's pictures of naked people covered in pigmented bear fat climbing around on rocks will be hanging in a fancy gallery in LA tomorrow night.

  • Lele Saveri Has a New Book

    Our good friend and longtime contributor Lele Saveri is releasing his new book, "INCUBI et SUCCUBI" tonight at Karma Bookstore in Manhattan.

  • Dog Zine Issue Release Party

    When I saw this zine on our online editor’s desk earlier today I grabbed it, flipped through the pages, flipped through again, then looked at him out of the corner of my eye and thought about quickly sliding it into my purse. But before I could, he...