Steaphen Lea Sheppard

  • Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

    For those unaware, "Uncharted" is Sony's flagship PS3 franchise about treasure hunter Nathan Drake. It's about as close to watching a Hollywood blockbuster as a video game can be.

  • Dark Souls

    The great virtue of "Dark Souls" is the sense of ownership it bestows on those who master it.

  • Sheppard's Video Game Pie - Mage Gauntlet

    I wish mainstream console titles sported this level of introspection.

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    I've logged 60 hours on Deus Ex: Human Revolution so far, and I've enjoyed every second

  • Catherine

    Vincent is 32 years old and living in a rut. He’s been going out with his girlfriend, Katherine, for five years, but they still live apart.