Stephanie Mercier Voyer

  • Quebec's Official Charter of Values Is Even Worse Than Expected

    Following two awful months of childish finger-pointing and racially offensive debate over what seemed to some of us here in Montreal and pretty much everywhere else in the country—like a xenophobic attempt at dividing the province, Quebec Premier...

  • Chatting with Femen Quebec about Nudity, the Crucifix, and the Charter of Values

    Quebec got its first taste of topless activism this week when the brand new branch of Femen, Femen Quebec, stormed the National Assembly. We spoke to one of the Femen activists to learn more about their cause.

  • The Fantastic Cake Fashionz of Corey Moranis

    Corey Moranis can't make a cake unless she can also design a corresponding outfit that looks just like the cake. It's that kind of crazy attention to weirdness that made us love her.

  • I Went to a Porn Casting Party in Montreal

    When I heard about a porn casting party thrown by a production company that promised squirting, wet t-shirts and an RV where normal folks like you and I could be chosen to go at it with actual porn stars, I had to check it out.

  • This Man Believes All News Events Are Staged By Actors

    What if I told you that everyone you see on TV—celebrities, but also ordinary folks in local news reports—was an actor playing their part in an elaborate conspiracy? You'd probably want to give me money for my future project, right?

  • Why Is Justin Trudeau's Marijuana Misadventure Newsworthy?

    Even though Justin has been parading around praising marijuana and asking for its decriminalization, the “news” that he enjoys the chronic leaf appeared to come as a surprise to all sorts of easily surprised individuals.

  • Photographer Tony Fouhse Collaborated with a Heroin Addict

    Tony Fouhse is a Canadian photographer who spent four years photographing addicts in downtown Ottawa. He met a woman named Stephanie, who was addicted to heroin, and in exchange for helping her get into rehab, she allowed him to photograph her. So we...

  • Watch: Seoul - "Stay with Us"

    Montreal-based ambient-pop trio Seoul’s debut music video Stay With Us addresses the disconnect that exists between being physically close to millions, all crammed in one Tokyo subway train, and yet feeling so alone.

  • A Bunch of Alien Lovers Held a Fake Congressional Hearing about Aliens. What Now?

    In April and May of this year, a bunch of alien believers, abductees, and ex-military personalities converged onto Washington to discuss the theory that the governments of the world have been hiding the truth: that aliens live among us and have for...

  • We Talked to Opie, Anthony, and Jim Norton about Censorship, Weed, and Reptilians

    I recently met up with Opie and Anthony, along with Jim Norton, to discuss how media censorship is actually getting worse, why weed still isn’t legal, and whether or not lizard people exist.

  • Pope Francis Is Shockingly Good at Social Media

    My main man in Vatican City has decided to take social media by storm. Pope Benedict shocked the world when he became the first tweeting Pope in history, but his Twitter game was sparse and crappy. In contrast, Francis’s approach to social media brings...

  • I Want to Bone Justin Trudeau

    There’s something so off about everything he does, and that’s what makes me want him so bad. I know that boning Justin would be one of the weirdest experiences of my life and I would probably never climax.