How to Look for a Job When Everything Feels Hopeless

The economy is in the toilet and there's a pandemic happening, but somehow we are still expected to look for work.

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4 days ago
Instagram Vintage Hounds Are Paying Their Rent by Thrifting

The number of people reselling home goods has exploded during the pandemic—but they say there’s still plenty of stuff to go around.

Gen Z Is Making Money Opening Packages of Junk on TikTok

Unboxing and shopping haul videos have existed for over a decade, but on #haultok, the excess is boundless and the ethics are murky.

How to Stop Shopping at Amazon When You Know It's Bad but Do It Anyway

What if I told you that breaking with a cartoonishly evil company wouldn’t mean the end of free shipping and great deals?

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What Are SPACs, the Trend Blowing Up the Finance World?

Empty-shell companies have raised tens of billions of dollars this year so far, and everyone from Colin Kaepernick to SoftBank is getting in on it.

What the Way You Spend Money Says About You

Are you a Bitcoin babe or a risk-taking cash splasher?

Robinhood Screwed Its Users But Is More Popular Than Ever

Like Facebook, Robinhood seems poised to pull through controversy as it draws new users and investment despite a business model antagonistic to its users.

Here’s How Much Money Normal TikTok Users Really Make From the Creator Fund

Some users are even trying to crowdfund their debts because they see others trying to do the same.

I Lost £3,000 to an HMRC Scam – And It Could Happen to You

You think that scamming is something that never happens to you – until it does.

Ridiculously Expensive Weddings Are Leaving Young Afghans in Debt

Opulent weddings became a mainstay after decades of civil war and unrest, but in the pandemic era, they’re only leaving grooms with crushing debts and fragile mental health.


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Hong Kong’s COVID Rules Are Screwing Over The Poor At Every Turn

Talk about unintended consequences. And oversights.

Well-Timed Virtual Davos Conference Is Here to Solve COVID At Last

A global health and economic crisis won't stop the global elite from explaining how capitalism will totally fix everything.

COVID Has Made the Wealth Gap Even Worse Than We Thought

Earth’s top 10 billionaires watched as their collective wealth increased by $540 billion between March 18 and the end of December.


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Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy Sentenced to Three Years in Jail

In a landmark corruption case, French courts sentenced Sarkozy to three years in prison, two of which will be suspended.

COVID Test Forgery Schemes Are Popping Up Around Latin America

Some customers are being duped, but others are in on schemes that print out fake negative test results for COVID-19.

Central America Is Really Hoping Biden Will Fix Their Corruption Problems

The U.S. abandoned support for anti-corruption drives under President Donald Trump. Many hope that President-elect Biden will bring the pressure to eradicate graft back.

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