Frequently Asked Questions about our apps


Something’s not working. How can I reach your team?
You can hit us up at app@vice.com or go to the Account or Settings screens and send us a message from there.

Why no Chromecast support?
We're working with the Chromecast team to resolve this as our streams should work (but don't).

Can I work for or freelance for VICE?
The best way to contact VICE for employment, freelance or content ideas is through our Careers page.


How can I delete my vice account? I don’t want to use the app.

  1. make sure you're signed out of the app
  2. then feel free to delete the app if you're not going to use it
  3. go to our website and Sign In at https://www.vice.com/en_us/sign-in
  4. after signing in, navigate to https://www.vice.com/en_us/your-account
  5. go to the bottom of that page and click on Delete Account


Why don't you support iPad landscape mode?
It's on the list!

Why don't you support my language or content from my region?
As we transition from regional edition to language support on web we'll be incorporating languages into our apps.


Can you cancel my subscription please?
Please contact your cable provider directly. We don't handle subscriptions.

Why don’t you offer subscriptions directly? Why do I need a cable provider?
Due to our distribution rights, we require that you are signed up with a cable provider to watch our video content under license. If you don't have cable, we do provide a sampling of free content that's refreshed on a regular basis.

My provider is missing from your list (including OTT providers). Can you add it?
We are constrained by the providers within our distribution agreement and don't have direct control over which providers are available.

I'm getting an unauthorized error message, or some error about regional restrictions.
It's possible that you do not have access to this content through your provider package. If this is the case, please reach out to your cable provider directly. Also, if you are outside of the geographic region governed by our distribution agreement you may see similar error messages.

Can I get more Temporary Passes to view content for free?
Sorry, the maximum amount of free viewing time is 2hrs total

VICE News App

Where's the VICE News app?
The VICE News app has been retired. However, we have relaunched the VICE app on iOS and Android which has a much improved feature set and a better experience for catching up on your news. Go download it now.

Didn't answer your question? Speak the truth at app@vice.com and we'll respond as quickly as we can.