Official profile for Shane Smith, co-founder and CEO of VICE

Official profile for Shane Smith, co-founder and CEO of VICE

Shane Smith - Owner, CEO

I'm Shane Smith, co-founder of VICE, a magazine I started in Montreal in 1994 that has since become a global company operating in 30 countries. I also went to North Korea twice, and starred in the VICE Guide to North Korea, which featured footage of my trip. Most recently I went to Liberia, a war-torn country in Africa plagued with heroin dens, teenage prostitution, and even cross-dressing cannibals; and then to the North Korean labor camps hidden in the forests of Siberia.

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Goal: Be Bigger Than CNN
Rapid growth in consumption of the company's online video--and in the willingness of sponsors to pay for access to those viewers--is one reason Smith is so wildly optimistic about the brand's future growth. He says that while it took VICE magazine 10 years to reach one million subscribers, it took the brand's website only one year to reach 10 million unique views per month.


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As one of the founders of Vice magazine, Shane Smith helped usher in the PABST-soaked golden age of hipsterdom and give a particular demographic wave of over-educated, underwhelmed twentysomethings their very own Rolling Stone. Now, with a new series on HBO and a 24-hour online news network in the works, he and his cohorts are vying to give them their 60 minutes and CNN too.


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Shane Smith is trying to order drinks. It's not going well. "There was a bottle of red wine that's kind of like a rosé that they chill down," the CEO and cofounder of Vice Media tells the waitress at a retro-chic Brooklyn cocktail lounge that doubles as his company's after-hours conference room, his thoughts victim to a boozy, just completed trip to his company's offices in India, Hong Kong and Japan. "You know what I'm talking about?"