Your personal data may be shared with the following Vice Media Group Companies within Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific Regions:

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  • Paradise Industries Limited – UK
  • VICE AB – Sweden
  • VICE APS – Denmark
  • VICE Austria GMBH – Austria
  • VICE Benelux BV (together with its subsidiaries) – The Netherlands
  • VICE Benelux BVBA – Belgium
  • VICE Benelux TV BV – The Netherlands
  • VICE DACH GMBH – Austria
  • VICE Europe Holding Limited – Jersey
  • VICE France SARL – France
  • VICE France TV Limited – UK
  • VICE Iberia Media Group SL – Spain
  • VICE Italia SRL – Italy
  • VICE LOC Limited – UK
  • VICE Media France SARL – France
  • VICE Media GMBH – Germany
  • VICE Norway AS – Norway
  • VICE Poland Spzoo – Poland
  • VICE Switzerland GMBH – Switzerland
  • VICE UK Limited – UK
  • VICE UK Studios Limited – UK
  • VICE UK TV Limited – UK
  • Virtue Austria GMBH – Austria
  • The Old Blue Last Limited – UK
  • VICE Group Holding Inc (together with its North American, Latin American, and Asia Pacific Subsidiaries) – USA

Vice stores data on servers in the European Economic Area (“EEA”) and also transfers and stores Personal Data outside the EEA. Please note that privacy laws in countries outside of the EEA may not be the same as, and in some cases may be less protective than, privacy laws in your country. We transfer data relying on adequate mechanism under EU privacy laws, including EU standard Model Clauses