Who Is the Strongest Anime Character?

If all the anime universes hosted a battle royale, who would emerge the victor? Fans weigh in.
Nikki Natividad
2 hours ago

Tensions Reaching ‘Fever Pitch’ as Anti-Prophet Murders Trigger ‘Revenge’ Calls

In the wake of two brutal killings, Hindu nationalists in India are mobilising mass protests, platforming anti-Muslim hate speech and calling for boycotts.
Pallavi Pundir
3 hours ago

Man Arrested for Throwing His Brother’s Skull in the Trash, Claims He Thought It Was Fake

The 68-year-old suspect lived with his younger brother but claimed they hadn’t spoken since March 2017.
Hanako Montgomery
4 hours ago

Gay Liberation Front Activists on the First UK Pride

"We had no idea how either the police or the public were going to respond."
Bex Wade
Zing Tsjeng
4 hours ago
Australia Today

‘Workforce Australia’ Is a Mess Because Governments Are Either Bad With Tech or Hate Poor People

The platform has become the source of widespread “fear and distress” among welfare recipients across the country.
John Buckley
4 hours ago

Adults Who Still Drink Milk: Are You Okay?

Unless you're a hungry baby, drinking milk on its own is unsettling behaviour.
Daisy Jones
4 hours ago
Australia Today

Australia Is on the Verge of Another Heavy Wave of COVID-19 Cases

Early evidence suggests the new Omicron sub-variant, BA.4/5, could be the most transmissible seen yet.
John Buckley
8 hours ago

The Blind Faith of Subliminal TikTok Videos

From ski-sloped noses to a tiny waist: With the use of subliminal messages, TikTok users are promising you anything and everything you want.
Julie Fenwick
10 hours ago

Police Arrest Local Rapper in Connection to Highland Park Mass Shooting

Six people were killed when a gunman, perched on a rooftop, starting firing at those below gathered to watch a Fourth of July parade.
Mack Lamoureux
13 hours ago
Astro Guide

Daily Horoscope: July 5, 2022

Mars enters Taurus, Mercury enters Cancer, and the moon enters Libra today!
Annabel Gat
15 hours ago

Hours After Mass Shooting, GOP Candidate Says Time to ‘Move On’ and ‘Celebrate’

Illinois state senator Darren Bailey has since apologized “if in any way we diminished the pain being felt across our state today.”
Manisha Krishnan
15 hours ago

Police Searching for Gunman Who Shot at Highland Park Parade From Rooftop, Killing at Least 6

The shooter was described as a young white man with long black hair and a "slight" frame.
Mack Lamoureux
16 hours ago