London Has Emphatically Rejected the Culture War Candidate

Despite favourable coverage in the right-wing press, Laurence Fox lost his £10,000 deposit and received fewer votes than a YouTuber who pledged to reduce the price of Freddos to 5p.
Simon Childs
11 minutes ago
Astro Guide

Daily Horoscope: May 9, 2021

The moon enters Taurus.
Annabel Gat
6 hours ago
Astro Guide

Daily Horoscope: May 8, 2021

Venus enters Gemini today.
Annabel Gat
a day ago

Tired of Living in an IKEA Showroom? Japandi Design Is Here to Save the Day

A portmanteau of Japan and Scandi, this minimalist style is the cooler cousin of Nordic minimalism, and will boost your hygge at least 10 points.
Mary Frances Knapp
Ian Burke
2 days ago

The VICE Starter Pack for Working From Home Forever

WFH is here to stay. It’s time to stop couch-typing from the fetal position and buy a real desk, a coffee machine, and maybe a sexy cow print chair.
Mary Frances Knapp
2 days ago

Instagram Stories About Violence Against Indigenous Women Are Disappearing

Hundreds of people have said their posts about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls were removed on a day meant to honour them.
Kelly Boutsalis
2 days ago

Travis Scott Is Sick of Brands and So Are We

Scott told Adweek he doesn't like marketing. His comments make you wonder who benefits the most from branding.
Kristin Corry
2 days ago
Unemployment benefits

The GOP Wants to Kill COVID Unemployment Pay to Force You Into Low-Wage Jobs

Wages in the U.S. have largely remained stagnant for decades.
Paul Blest
2 days ago

TikTokers Keep Buying Cursed Crystals

Moldavite crystals are making TikTokers miserable.
Gita Jackson
2 days ago

This is What It’s Like to Vaccinate the Last Rebel-Held Enclave in Syria

The impact of a decade of a shockingly brutal war and high levels of vaccine resistance combine to make Idlib one of the most challenging environments to vaccinate a population against COVID.
Mohammed Rasool
2 days ago

The Fortnite Trial Is Exposing Details About the Biggest iPhone Hack on Record

As part of the trial against Epic Games, Apple released emails that show that 128 million users, of which 18 million were in the U.S., downloaded apps containing malware known as XCodeGhost from the App Store.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
2 days ago
Civil Rights

Women Prisoners Used as ‘Bait’ to Catch a Predator Were Allegedly Sexually Assaulted

The women were told to use a “code phrase” when they felt threatened. But help didn’t come in time.
Emma Ockerman
2 days ago