Beautiful Photos of the First (Legal) Moshpits in the Age of Coronavirus

Thrashing against other people like you’re all human bumper cars is stupidly fun – and at the Download Pilot, people were finally at it again.
Hannah Ewens
2 hours ago

Photos of Scotland Fans Partying in Central London

Photographer Jake Lewis followed supporters from arrivals at King's Cross to the impromptu party in central London.
VICE Staff
5 hours ago
Astro Guide

Daily Horoscope: June 19, 2021

The moon is in Libra today.
Annabel Gat
19 hours ago

Did You Know You Can Shop for LGBTQ Org Wish Lists on Amazon?

Here's an easy way to support unhoused, incarcerated, and underserved queer people this Pride Month (and every month).
Mary Frances Knapp
19 hours ago

Watch Mike Pence Get Called a ‘Traitor’ by Evangelical Christians

Mike Pence’s fellow Christians weren’t too pleased to see him.
Samir Ferdowsi
19 hours ago

Facial Recognition Failures Are Locking People Out of Unemployment Systems's CEO says unemployment fraud is costing taxpayers $400 billion, but his own company is denying claims because of problems with its tech, users say.
Todd Feathers
20 hours ago

3 Vacations You Can Take Right Now for Under $500

Too old for hostel-hopping, but not ready to throw down thousands? Book these wallet-friendly trips out of NYC, LA, and Austin.
Mary Frances Knapp
21 hours ago

People Think a Hideo Kojima's New Silent Hill Game Is Hiding in Plain Sight

‘Abandoned’ is an upcoming PlayStation game that looks a lot like P.T. and has weird connections to Kojima.
Matthew Gault
a day ago

Millennials Are Shunning Iran’s Elections – and the Regime Is Terrified

Young voters in Iran say they aren’t willing to go along with the democratic charade this time. “The candidates are racing to see who would kiss the Ayatollah’s ass better,” one non-voter told VICE World News.
Mohammed Rasool
a day ago
Ask A Lawyer

Jay-Z Is Suing a Photographer for ‘Exploiting’ His Image. Does He Have a Case?

We spoke to a legal expert about whether Jay-Z's lawsuit has merit—or, instead, if he's simply bullying a former collaborator.
Drew Schwartz
a day ago

Why We Need More Trans Journalists

VICE World News' series ‘Transnational’ follows trans journalists around the world as they tell stories in places like Detroit, Mexico City, and Lagos.
Alyza Enriquez
a day ago

A Group of White Cops Beat a Black Undercover Officer at a BLM Protest

The Black officer captured the assault on cellphone video.
Samir Ferdowsi
a day ago