Our Favourite Photos from This Year's UK Photography Graduates

We're exhibiting hundreds of photos at Photo Book Cafe in east London from this Friday. Come and see!
VICE Staff
34 minutes ago
matt gaetz

‘Creepy’ Matt Gaetz Is Getting Dragged on TikTok by His Fiancée’s Sister

Roxanne Luckey, younger sister of Gaetz’s fiancée Ginger Luckey, called the congressman a “literal pedophile.”
Paul Blest
an hour ago

WFH Indefinitely? Here's How to Make a Comfy, Productive Home Workspace

These reasonably priced home office goods will help save you, your spine, and your sanity from the ill fate of the futuristic office drone.
Mary Frances Knapp
an hour ago
capitol insurrection

Liz Cheney Wants to Investigate ‘Every Minute’ of Trump's Capitol Riot Response

“We must also know what happened every minute of that day in the White House—every phone call, every conversation, every meeting,” Cheney said.
Cameron Joseph
an hour ago
Arizona audit

He Tried to Steal Arizona for Trump. Then He Got Locked Out of the Building.

Ken Bennett leaked data from the recount, and hasn't been allowed back in the building for five days.
David Gilbert
2 hours ago

Where Is Biden's Permanent FCC Boss?

Nearly six months into Biden’s term and his FCC remains gridlocked and incapable of reversing unpopular Trump-era policies.
Karl Bode
3 hours ago
border wall

Texas Considered GoFundMe for Border Wall But Worried It Would Violate 'Standards'

It also pursued accepting cryptocurrency despite vows of transparency, according to documents obtained by Motherboard.
Aaron Gordon
3 hours ago

Biden Tags Comcast Lobbyist to Be Canadian Ambassador

But still hasn’t fully staffed the nation’s top telecom regulator, or reversed hugely unpopular Trump era telecom policies.
Karl Bode
3 hours ago

Sweden Is On the Hunt for Someone Throwing Rocks at Danish Cars

Swedish police have deployed drones and helicopters in search of a mysterious stone thrower targeting almost exclusively Danish drivers.
Gabriel Geiger
3 hours ago

How an Earth-Sized Telescope Images Supermassive Black Holes

Ziri Younsi, a member of the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration, explains how scientists managed to photograph a black hole across 55 million light years.
Becky Ferreira
3 hours ago

One Dead, Four Missing After Massive Chemical Site Explosion

The blast was felt throughout the German city of Leverkusen, home to one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the country.
Tim Hume
4 hours ago

YouTube Just Punished Brazil's President for Spreading Lies About COVID

The move is the strongest yet from the social media giants to censor the outspoken, right-wing Jair Bolsonaro, who is already fighting back.
Charlotte Peet
4 hours ago