Chinese Zoo ‘Sorry’ for Not Revealing 3 Leopards Were on the Loose

A zoo lied about its missing leopards for fear of scaring visitors away.
Viola Zhou
42 minutes ago

A Cultural Evolution of 'Shrek', from Blockbuster Hit to Historic Meme

On the 20th anniversary of the origina, mega-fans, academics and 'Shreksperts' weigh in on its even more curious existence online.
Ella Kemp
an hour ago

Hero Dog That Lost Snout Protecting Two Girls in the Philippines Dies

The dog, named Kabang, became a media sensation in 2011.
Anthony Esguerra
2 hours ago

Scientists Have Found A Way To Remove COVID-19 From Mice’s Lungs

The results are a promising breakthrough, and if the same method is effective on humans it could stop people dying from COVID-19.
Gavin Butler
4 hours ago
Astro Guide

Daily Horoscope: May 18, 2021

The mo
Annabel Gat
11 hours ago
Games News

IGN Staff ‘Pissed’ After Meeting About Deleted Palestine Charity Post

How an article trying to raise money for Palestinian charities turned into an editorial crisis for one of gaming's biggest websites.
Patrick Klepek
12 hours ago

Israel Is Tweeting Rocket Emojis as Gaza Death Toll Passes 200

Around 40,000 people in Gaza have been displaced during the week-long escalation.
Mack Lamoureux
12 hours ago

Republicans Are Blaming Joe Biden for the Great Chick-fil-A Sauce Shortage of 2021

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt is alerting his supporters to our national honey mustard, ranch, and BBQ problems.
Paul Blest
13 hours ago
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Reportedly Went to Jeffrey Epstein for Marriage Advice

The two men reportedly met dozens of times between 2011 and 2014.
Carter Sherman
14 hours ago

The First Ever Nuclear Bomb Produced a Bizarre Form of Matter

The oldest known “quasicrystal” made by humans has been discovered at the New Mexico site of the 1945 Trinity bomb test.
Becky Ferreira
14 hours ago

Bitcoiners Are So, So Mad at Elon Musk

A terminally online CEO, magic internet money, and a public betrayal.
Jordan Pearson
15 hours ago

Watch a Navy Pilot Explain His Encounter With a UFO

‘60 Minutes’ segment interviewing pilots who’ve encountered UFOs marks a sea-change in the discussion of the topic.
Matthew Gault
15 hours ago