It Takes 2 Clicks to Get From ‘Deep Tom Cruise’ to Vile Deepfake Porn

The ‘ethical’ AI company that made the viral deepfake of Tom Cruise is tied to non-consensual AI-generated porn.

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3 hours ago
NASA’s Mars InSight Lander Is Getting Ready to Die

After dust covered the rover's solar panels, only a Martian dust devil can save the mission now.

4 hours ago
Seth Green's Apes Gone, Begs Internet Not to Buy Them

Actor, comedian, and current Web3 guy Seth Green has fallen victim to an extremely common hack.

5 hours ago
Major Web3 Backer a16z Sees ‘Winter,’ ‘Dark Days’ Ahead for Crypto

In its newly launched State of Crypto report, a16z is bullish about the future of crypto despite its ongoing decline in markets globally.

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