MUNCHIES Guide to Sweden

  • The MUNCHIES Guide to Sweden: New Nordic Cuisine

    Ivar visits three restaurants—Ekstedt in Stockholm, Koka in Göteborg, and Bastard in Malmö, where the chefs are taking on New Nordic cuisine in their own terms.

  • The MUNCHIES Guide to Sweden: Umeå

    Host Ivar heads far north to snowy Umeå to meet reindeer herder Tobias, samples Swedish reindeer meat and dumpling dishes, and makes cocktails from foraged ingredients.

  • The MUNCHIES Guide to Sweden: Stockholm

    Ivar hits Aifur, Sweden’s only real Viking restaurant, and meets its owner and dance music legend E-Type to discover how the Vikings informed modern Swedish cuisine.

  • The MUNCHIES Guide to Sweden: Skåne

    In this episode, Ivar’s trip to the Skåne region kicks up a few surprises, from a crazy-looking dessert called Spettkaka to a goose feast in Lund.

  • The MUNCHIES Guide to Sweden: Göteborg

    In our opening episode, Ivar travels to Göteborg, Sweden’s fish capital, to put together a Swedish smörgåsbord with catch straight from the sea.