• India Is Tearing Itself Apart Over Eating Beef

    In the wake of a man being murdered over rumors that he ate beef, a Hindu nationalist organization has claimed that "the Vedas order the killing of anyone who slaughters the cow."

  • Hindu Nationalists Say Jersey Cow Milk Is Full of Demons

    According to Shankar Lal of the RSS, those doe-eyed Jersey cows are actually harbingers of poison and their milk will make your children into sociopathic criminals.

  • Hindu Nationalism in the Age of Modi

    Last month, Indian voters handed a sweeping victory to a political party that has historic ties to a Hindu extremist group that believes that India—the polyglot, multi-faith subcontinent—is in fact a Hindu nation. Now that they're in power, what does...

  • How India's New Prime Minister Won Over the Tea Party

    The incoming prime minister of India may well be the first world leader to record a welcome message for an US political action committee.

  • Requiem for India’s Congress Party: A Loser’s Diary

    The results of India's general election were announced today, making official what most polls predicted: an unprecedented defeat for India's historically dominant center-left party. But the cycle of political births and deaths in India has spun this...

  • So Long Google Reader, and Thanks for the Memories

    All I can say is I’ll miss you. I don’t know how I could have been a journalist these last few years without you. I may have been forced to find my own scoops by leaving my desk or a picking up a phone.