Suroosh Alvi

  • Cocaine & Crude (Part 3)

    In part 3, we visit Texmelucan, a city devastated by an illegal oil tap explosion in 2010.

  • Cocaine & Crude (Part 2)

    We tour Pemex's fragile operations in the Burgos Basin and sits down with a member of the infamous Los Zetas cartel.

  • Cocaine & Crude (Part 1)

    VICE News sent Suroosh Alvi to Mexico to meet the drug cartels who are now stealing the country's oil.

  • 'VICE' on HBO Just Got Nominated for Three Emmys

    Remember last year when 'VICE' on HBO was nominated for an Emmy? Well, this year season two managed to scoop up three nominations at the premier award ceremony for American television excellence.

  • VICE on HBO Debrief: Heroin Warfare

    Suroosh Alvi visited both sides of the Iran/Afghanistan border to see firsthand the effects of the explosion in the drug trade.

  • Come Hang Out with Us at Internet Week!

    For the fourth year in a row, VICE is taking part in Internet Week, delivering a series of panels discussing everything from journalism and the documentary form to the future of cryptocurrencies.