• Venezuela Rising: Dispatch Two

    Anti-government street protests are into their seventh week.

  • Venezuela Rising: Dispatch One

    Anti-government street protests are into their seventh week.

  • The Hypocrisy of the Internet's Sochi Rainbow Protest

    Rainbow logos are everywhere on social media these days, as media brands and individuals protest against Russia's anti-gay policies. But how effective can such a toothless show of support be?

  • Khat Power

    Khat is a chewable herbal stimulant, popular among the UK's Somali and Yemeni communities. Despite there being little or no evidence that the drug causes harm to its users, the British government is working to outlaw khat.

  • Kelvin MacKenzie Is Wrong About International News

    Contrary to his belief, people do seem to give a shit about what's happening in the world.

  • Sisa: Cocaine of the Poor

    The basic ingredient of sisa is methamphetamine. Addicts have reported that it can also contain filler ingredients like battery acid, engine oil, shampoo, and cooking salt.

  • Why the Khat Ban Will Be Almost As Pointless As the Drug Itself

    In the worst case scenario, it could also be incredibly damaging for the UK.

  • Slavoj Zizek

    The "most dangerous philosopher in the West" talks about his new film and lectures us on the importance of being on time. If you're curious about that poster of Stalin on his wall, it's "purely to annoy idiots" when they visit.

  • Clive Stafford Smith

    Clive Stafford Smith spent years working as a death-row lawyer in the South before becoming the legal director of the UK branch of Reprieve, a non-profit organization that has long campaigned for the rights of death-row prisoners. Since 2002 Reprieve...

  • 'Britain Today Is a Twee Playpen': Adam Curtis and Massive Attack Discuss Their New Show

    According to Massive Attack V Adam Curtis, Britain in 2013 is a twee, repetitive playpen that is turning us all into infants.

  • Sisa: Cocaine of the Poor

    A new drug called sisa is tearing its way through Athens' poor.