• The Richest Man in Flowertown

    Flowertown is full of all sorts of secret geniuses or maybe just nut cases.

  • Everyone Wants Miss Juniper's Panties

    The mysterious and disgusting 40 Acres Club is devising a scheme to get Miss Juniper to send them her underwear, but Juniper can sense something's wrong. And is Detective Connifer getting to the bottom of the mystery of Flowertown or being twisted by...

  • Detective Connifer Is Putting the Pieces Together

    There's a conspiracy in Flowertown, USA, and Detective Conifer is getting close to knowing the truth about Miss Juniper's panties. Also, what's the 40 Acres Club?

  • Doofus Is Shipwrecked on a Desert Island

    Doofus is shipwrecked on a desert island with a crack team of survivalists. But what unique skills can he bring to the table?

  • What Kind of Pervtown Is This Place?

    The investigating detective discovers just how strange Flowertown is when Miss Juniper's bicycle seat is repeatedly stolen. What kind of pervtown is this place? And will Miss Juniper ever get back the underwear that someone died attempting to steal?