amie barrodale

  • French Girls - New Fiction by Amie Barrodale

    New fiction by Amie Barrodale about runaways, crooks, liars, and other people in varying degrees of trouble.

  • Listen to James Franco Read Our 2014 Fiction Issue

    Here's another reason to blow your rent money on an iPad. For this summer's fiction issue, we asked our good friend and VICE columnist James Franco to choose a few of his favorite stories and read...

  • Letter from the Chateau Marmont

    When we recently stayed at the Chateau we brought our friends Carol and Tony to the lobby. At the table next to ours, two round-bellied men in their 40s, dressed like they’d just come from a baseball game, were gossiping about the movies they were...

  • Introducing VICE's Annual Fiction Issue

    VICE's 2014 fiction issue is all about hollywood and its writers.

  • Recipe Corner

    Here are some suggested dishes to accompany the stories in the 2013 Fiction Issue, directly from a few of the authors who wrote them.

  • A Ghost Story

    Since the incident, I did not drink, due to a court order. Occasionally, however, I drank with my mother in small amounts, or alone at a place around the corner. I confessed this to Edward. I said, “Earlier tonight I had wine with my mother. Generally...